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Server rules

Below is a summary of rules you need to follow if you want to have an account on this server of Mastodon:

  1. Use content warnings to flag anything NSFW including but not limited to: explicitly sexual content, gore, physical violence, psychological violence, or highly emotional content.
  2. Avoid ad hominem attacks.
  3. Don't generalize groups! Avoid utilization of words that group people together with a connotation as a generalization. For example: Using the word "Jews" to refer to a subset of bankers.
  4. Dissuade Violence! Actively dissuade violence and hate by reporting or alerting a moderator.
Debating is good. Arguing is not. When engaging in conversations online, especially on a platform with limited characters for each post one needs to follow some less-than-intuitive rules. 1. You do not have enough context to respond, and you need to keep this in mind. When engaging with other users tiny content, realize that you normally won't have anywhere near enough context to truly agree or disagree based off a single post. Try to keep your responses narrowly focused on smaller scope questions or supports in order to further conversations rather than letting them devolve. 2. The difference in Mastodon and other social media is filtering and moderation. This means you can assume more good faith than you otherwise would in the Wild West of the internet. Can people still suck with heavy moderation? Absolutely. But only you can prevent fires, so try to not throw down sparks in dry grassy areas, and water the flowers when you walk by them please. (Do not post incendiary comments especially on topics that easily blow up, and be validating and complementary when you do see something you like.) 3. Humans have a genetic tendency to fight but don't have a place for this anymore. Enter sports teams & rivalries. Fight with memes and about which waifu is best. Fight about the second book in the series. Fight about hockey versus football. Fight about interests and choices people make. See who can make the best speedrun. But do NOT fight about something that people can't control, or vague concepts that have no concrete actions which are being discussing. 4. Less monke, better human. Use research backed methods of communication and in decision making when engaging on Misfit.Social. We are about progression and that includes in the way we do things here. Represent what you believe in, backed by data.